MINI Educational soft building toy – 24 magnetic blocks

24 pieces | 2 Shapes


Metody płatności

Educational soft building toy


magnetic blocks

24 magnets inside each block and over 500 in this set!

soft blocks

Flexible foam, always returns to shape.

handmade toy

A strong seam prevents access to the interior of the block.

safe and durable toy

Fabric is strong and abrasion-resistant. It doesn’t contain any harmful or toxic substances.

Developing soft building toy for toddlers and preschoolers

This set is perfect for starting the adventure with JollyHeap blocks. Recommended for the youngest children who enjoy building and dismantling blocks freely. Toddlers at this age are extremely active and curious about the world. JollyHeap blocks develop the ability of analytical thinking and perceptual synthesis, which is a very important element in the development of toddlers at this age. In the future, you can always expand the set with more blocks.

multifunctional eduction toy for toddlers

For fun. For therapy. For developement.

JollyHeap blocks are a multifunctional toy that entertains, educates, develops motor skills, and also allows for working with children with special needs. It’s suitable for playgrounds, schools, preschools, daycares, and children’s rooms.

Practice grip and hand-eye coordination. Develop imagination regarding physical phenomena such as force, pressure, and magnetism

JollyHeap building blocks offer more than just entertainment — they provide a dynamic platform for children to refine their motor skills and unleash their creativity.

With these versatile blocks, children can practice gripping and improve hand-eye coordination through the manipulation of various shapes and sizes.

Additionally, the open-ended nature of JollyHeap encourages imaginative play, allowing children to explore and understand physical phenomena such as force, pressure, and magnetism in a hands-on way.

Whether they’re constructing towering structures or experimenting with different configurations, JollyHeap empowers children to learn and grow through play.

ideas for creative building

Sample structures you can build with these set.

girls manipulating blocks in nursery

Focus on development using STEAM and Montessori methodologies

1. Develop engineering skills.
Building with soft JollyHeap blocks develops important engineering skills in children. They learn about balance, stability, and the concept of weight distribution. They can experiment with different projects, stacking blocks, creating bridges, or unique geometric shapes. These processes engage children in problem-solving and foster critical thinking skills.

2. Introduce the youngest to the world of numbers and space – help them understand mathematics.
While building, children can explore mathematical concepts such as symmetry, patterns, and geometry. They can count the number of blocks used, compare sizes and shapes, and recognize different colors. Through these activities, they develop their mathematical skills in a fun and interactive way.

3. Foster creativity and creative needs in your child.
JollyHeap® blocks foster creativity and imagination. By providing children with versatile building material, they can unleash their imagination and create anything that comes to mind. Whether it’s a spaceship, a tower, or a resting sofa, these blocks allow children to bring their ideas to life and express their unique creative abilities.

STEAM toy for nursery and kindergarten
educational toy
big soft magnetic blocks for nursery
safety toy for nursery

Our blocks are safe and certificated

We know that sometimes children can be inconsiderate with toys. So we’ve designed our toy for just this situation and tested the mechanical strength in a hundred different ways.

JollyHeap blocks are made in Poland using high-quality materials. Each block is hand-sewn, ensuring that even the most determined “explorer” cannot tear them apart.

Made in Europe and certified

EN 71-1, EN 71-2, EN 71-3, REACH

Blocks meet the safety standards: Mechanical and physical properties, Flammability, Migration of specific elements.

This toy is easy to clean

Don’t worry about dirt and dust. You can wash our building blocks in a washing machine on a 30 degrees programme.

Physiotherapist recommendations

Rafal Krolak

Children respond very enthusiastically to JollyHeap blocks, and they perceive the challenging exercises as great fun. They prefer to use them during therapy sessions for children with intellectual disabilities because the blocks are pleasant to touch and soft, eliminating any fear children might have. They are used as mats, physiotherapy tables, obstacle courses, balance training paths, coordination ladders, slides and ramps, weights, steps of varying heights, and even as rollers. Simply building these objects with JollyHeap blocks already enhances a child’s sensory integration, coordination, concentration, and attention.

Pawel Zawitkowski

JollyHeap building blocks, thanks to their simple form and versatile shapes, offer the possibility of unlimited modification in time and space of the place for work, therapy, rest and play – the child’s entire environment. Thanks to the possibility to shape the appropriate surfaces, dimensions and forms of the construction, we are able to adapt them to the individual limitations and dysfunctions of the child.


50 pieces


Fabric 100% polyester, foam rubber, neodymium magnets


2 Shapes: cube, triangle




Comfortable attraction, easy connection, stability of the constructed structures.


All components of the product are soft, pleasant, comfortable and big enough to grip.


JollyHeap blocks can’t cause any harm to children, because they are soft and don’t have sharp edges.


A variety of structures: houses, cars, towers, furniture, etc. Build your dream!


Made of a soft material, that doesn’t make any noise. The only noise from the fun – is the children’s laugh!


Our blocks are made of a durable and safe material. JollyHeap will be interesting for children of all ages and their parents.